New facade on a protected monument of culture, Gupčeva zvijezda 3A, Zagreb

On this protected monument of culture built in 1941, we performed masonry facade works on the façade by thermal insulation of EPS plates, with finishing facade silicate plaster. Before placing the EPS board, it was necessary to remove the completely old worn facade plaster. In addition to masonry facade works, tinsmith works were also done on replacement of outside window sills and verticals for drainage of roof water, waterproofing works on the floors of balconies and loggia, replacement of ceramic lining of loggia and balcony floors and waterproofing the wall of the basement apartment on the outside. Since the buliding is a protected cultural property a complete process was under the control of a conservator from the Institute for the Protection of Monuments of the City of Zagreb.

Surface of facade: 580 m2

Energetic renovation of the residential building, Poljana Jurja Andrassyja, Zagreb

In October 2017, we started working on the energetic renovation of the residential building in Zagreb for Investor company Zapad stan d.o.o., according to the project of the Architectural office Kapov d.o.o. and in accordance with a signed contract with the Croatian Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund which co-finances the project with 60% of the funds. The project envisages the following works: replacement of exterior joinery, thermal insulation of the basement ceiling with 16 cm thick mineral wool bords, new thermal insulation of the facade with 15 cm thick mineral wool bords, thermal insulation of the flat roof with 20 cm thick mineral wool bords and new waterproffing of flat roof.
Surface of the facade: 2.400 m2
Surface of the heat-insulated basement ceiling: 470 m2
Surface of heat insulated and waterproofed flat roof: 582 m2

AA credit rating certificate of business excellence for the next 12 months

Tim Constructa is the proud holder of AA credit rating certificate of excellence issued by the international group Bisnode, Europe's largest provider of business and credit information. AA credit rating certificate of excellence is one of the most important European standards which define business quality and also an internationally recognized mark of business excellence, based on the analytical calculating method, common for all European markets. Certificate of Excellence is based on the analysis of financial reports for the previous year and on the forecasts of business success for the next 12 months. AA certificate, which proves fulfilment of thehighest credit rating criteria of excellence, is additional evidence of continuous, responsible and successful business activity of our company. This certification and many years of our professional experience, together with clientsatisfaction and business partners from different areas of business, prove that Tim Constructa is the company you can completely rely on regarding realization of projects.

Roof cover replacement of the residential building - Vlahe Stulića 12-20, Zagreb

Residents of the building in Špansko decided to replace worn-out roofing made of asbestos-cement boards with a new roof cover using trapezoidal galvanized sheet metal with felt. Simultaneously with replacement of the roof cladding we replaced the entire roof metal ware (chimney flashings, sheet metal washers, wall claddings, gutters and verticals). What was so special about this project was the fact that day to day work was realized using a telescopic work platform. From this platform, the following activities were completed: replacingmansard roof coverings, painting of existing hooks, replacement of gutters and verticals. Roofing material used was trapezoidal metal sheet from Fhili Stahl manufacture, with a 15- year warranty. It is worth noting that we also provide contractual guarantee for the same period, for all works completed.

Volume of works completed: 1315 m2, roof.


Gold Diploma in active craft managing for more than 20 years

Company director, Đuro Čiča was given the recognition of Zagreb Craftsmen Organization, in the form of Gold Diploma in active craft managing for more than 20 years. Construction craft company Dom Gradnja was founded on 01.06.1994. From 2012 it continues its business activities under the name Tim Constructa d.o.o. We are proud to point out that during our 22 business years we have regularly fulfilled all obligations to partners, suppliers and to the state. We've always been financially solvent, regardless of turbulent times. We are proud to claim 22 years of service, with several hundred completed projects and satisfied customers. That makes us proud and obliges us to continue with our goal. We want to continue to provide our customers with reliable and high quality service using modern, flexible and professional approach. Our duty to the community is to transfer our know-how to new generations. We currently have three students from *Obrtnička i industrijska graditeljska škola* Zagreb who are doing their internships in our company and are being educated in brickwork and carpentry.

Adaptation of public spaces interior, corridors and rooms - Hotel Westin Zagreb

In July 2016, the largest hotel in Zagreb began with adaptations of public spaces interior on the 17th floor (Halls Opera, Ouvertira, Sljeme, Jarun and Panorama, lobbies and public restrooms), room interior and corridors on 10th and 11th floor and interior of public spaces on the ground floor (Capitol restaurant, bar Diana, Rendezvous café, public restrooms, reception and lobby). Adaptation was performed within the project of Scott Brownrigg design studio- Zagreb. We participated in the works of demolition and removal, masonry and waterproofing works, gypsum works, in replacement of water and sewer installations and assembly of sanitary ware.

Scope of completed works: 880 m2 layout of public spaces on the 17th floor, 60 rooms and 2 halls on 10th / 11thfloor, and 500 m2 layout of public spaces on the ground floor.


Training on the use of fireproof systems for sealing in construction work

In Hilti Croatia d.o.o. Zagreb a seminar was organized on proper selection, preparation and use of fireproof systems for fire sealing of openings, installation penetrations and construction joints. Lecturer, Mr. Sidon Kovačević presented a wide range of Hilti products for fire protection and their application at construction sites. Upon completion of the seminar participants were awarded certificates of training completion.

Visiting the construction site of new terminal at Zagreb airport

We visited the construction site of the new terminal at Zagreb airport to learn more about methods of organization and the complex structure of construction works in such demanding construction site.  In guided tour of the airport we visited the fascinating building about to be completed, with clearly visible outlines of the final project that has the capacity of 3.5 million passengers and the possibility of a modular annex for receiving 8.5 million passengers.

Participation in the Zagreb Crafts Fair

Zagreb Crafts Fair was organized by the Croatian Chamber of Crafts and the City of Zagreb.  We accepted the invitation from our friends from the Chamber of Crafts and Zagreb Craftsmen Association and contributed to the organization of the Fair. Our staff produced a small model of a wooden roof, as an example to students of crafts schools and visitors of the fair. It is the first fair of this kind, bringing together significant number of craftsmen from Zagreb and Zagreb County; they presented their professions through traditional skills used in the past, the achievements and new trends in production and craft services today, as well as trends that will certainly mark the future.

Creating new roof construction and ventilated roof - Ferenščica, Zagreb

Family from Ferenščica- Zagreb received a subsidy from the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, to install a thermal envelope to the house. The envelope was made using 12 cm thick panels of graphite expanded polystyrene (EPS). This meant 20% better insulation than the one made of white EPS panels with equal thickness.  At the same time it was decided to raise the height of the attic in order to reduce the pitch of the north side of the roof and to build dormers, i.e. a mansard roof. Following the dismantling of roof tiles and re-tailoring of one part of the existing roof construction, new roof structure was built. After that, classic ventilated roof was built and covered with formerly removed clay tiles. The result was a beautiful, energy efficient "cottage surrounded by flowers" which offered sufficient living space for this family of four.

The scope of completed works: roof-147 m2, facade- 156 m2



Adaptation of the interior in rooms and bathrooms-hotel Sheraton Zagreb

The investor of the project for adaptation and decoration of 153 rooms and bathrooms in hotel Sheraton Zagreb set very high requirements in terms of quality and dynamic of works. Since this is a five star hotel, the quality of work had to be of the highest level while deadlines for work completion were very short at the same time. This was a unique object which, due to its high occupancy, could not tolerate any delays in the realization of works. Due to the presence of a large number of contractors at the site, high degree of cooperation was required, so that project realization would not be called into question. During the works, materials of the highest quality, with minimal binding time were used.

The scope of completed works: 153 rooms and bathrooms and 6 corridors.


A visit to Keimfarben factory - Augsburg, Germany

In the period from 25th to 27th November 2015, we visited Keimfarben factory in Augsburg. The visit was organized by the Guild for construction and service activities of Zagreb Craftsmen Association. We attended interesting lectures and presentations that took place within the company. It was an opportunity to get acquainted with Keimfarben products as well as with their practical application in practice. Keimfarben products are made from pure natural inorganic materials using raw materials from around the world.

The production program includes paints for facade protection and decoration, mortars for the repair of damp walls, mortars for repairing stone elements of facades, base colours for protection of wood panelling on facades as well as ones for protection and repair of old wooden houses.

The company was founded in 1878 by Adolf Keim and it currently employs 450 people. Interestingly enough, their products are available on the US market and have been used to paint the White House.

Flat roof waterproofing – Andrije Žaje 63, Zagreb

Due to water penetration into elevator engine room through the existing worn out metal cover and damaged flat roof horizontal waterproofing, it was necessary to carry out adequate recovery and remove the existing defect. In order to offer long term and high quality solution, it was necessary to dismantle the existing worn-out metal cover as well as metal substructure and place separating protective layer of geotextile over the existing deteriorated bituminous waterproofing. It was also necessary to mount PVC -laminated metal flashings on gutters of a flat roof and on the chimney walls and put a mechanically fastened Bauder PVC waterproofing membrane in place. Chimney walls were also covered with PVC membrane with special attention to details of the flashing system. Finally, galvanized metal fillets were fastened on chimney walls.

Surface of the flat roof: 82 m2


Waterproofing of the flat roof above the casino – Kneza Mislava, Zagreb

Green flat roofs often lose their appeal and charm when you need to carry out sanation of waterproofing under them. This was the case on this project. To begin with the creation of new waterproofing system, it was necessary to remove layers of the green roof (vegetation, soil, and drainage layer and pipes). Material removed from the green roof was then transported to the dump. For this project, these activities have been the most demanding part of the job. After that, on the flat roof a layer of thermal insulation boards XPS was set, then the divider / protective layer of geotextile, while on horizontal surfaces and parapet wall, a new roof isolation was carried out using Sika waterproofing membrane and also new drain traps and vents were installed. Details of completion of the new waterproofing HI membrane at flat roof parapet walls were done using the PU membrane Sikalastic 621 TC.  On the top of waterproofing system a layer of artificial grass was installed.

Surface of the flat roof: 745 m2


Production of thermal envelope for a family home by rock wool plates– Gornji Desinec

Peculiarity of this project was that it was co-funded by the Fund for Energy Efficiency in order to improve energy efficiency of family home and gain savings in energy consumption. Project envisaged to install a new thermal envelope using slabs of rock wool 16 cm thick, rock wool lining on the floor of unheated attic and setup of thermal insulation using EPS boards on walls and ceilings in unheated basement.

Thermal envelope was carried out using Rockwool plates 16 cm thick and the final layer was realized in silicate-silicone version. During the building of thermal envelopes, aluminium powder coated window sills with PVC side ends were also installed.

Surface of facade: 179 m2


Design of fitness studio interior - Hotel Panorama Zagreb

How to turn former storage area and adjacent sanitary facilities into a massage parlour and fitness studio with sauna? It was necessary to remove ceramic tiles from walls and floors, to install new water and sewage network and to demolish several partition walls and ceilings.  After that, we had to do the following works: put new cement screeds on floors, align some of the floors, flatten the surface of walls and prepare them for setting ceramic tiles, smooth out and paint the walls, lay the parquet, fasten the large mirrors, install sanitary facilities, and frames and wings of doors.

Built area: 99.08 m2


Waterproofing of the flat roof – Kneza Mislava 1, Zagreb

During the renovation and redesign of a restaurant interior, waterproofing works began on the flat roof in order to eliminate water leaks to the restaurant. In order to make repairs in waterproofing of the flat roof, it was necessary first to remove the layers of soil and pebbles on the flat roof, to clean existing bituminous waterproofing of impurities, and attach flashing laminated PVC sheets to vertical elements to which waterproofing membrane will be welded. After setting the dividing geotextile over old bituminous waterproofing and metal elements, we installed new PVC waterproofing membrane from Bauder, reinforced with a polyester mesh. The membrane was microbe, plant root and UV resistant. Finally, over a new waterproofing membrane a layer of geotextile was installed and layers of sieved pebbles and soil returned.

 Surface of the flat roof: 175 m2


Adaptation of Korean restaurant "Onsemi", Kneza Mislava 1, Zagreb

In the space of former Chinese restaurant, new owners decided to bring the flavours of Korean cuisine to citizens of Zagreb. In February 2015, we started the construction works on adaptation and design of restaurant interior according to demands of new owners. The following works were carried out: removal of wall and floor tiles in sanitary facilities, dismantling doors leaf and jamb, divider walls demolition, construction of new walls with gypsum card boards, paint works including smoothing and painting of walls, ceilings and joinery elements, laying of ceramic tiles in sanitary facilities, replacement of internal water and sewage installations, installing of electrical installation in newly created areas.

Built area: 375 m2


Meeting of builders in Croatian Chamber of Trade and Crafts

On 04.03.2015, we participated in the Meeting of builders at Croatian Chamber of Crafts (HOK). Chronic lack of jobs meant that significant number of large construction companies went bankrupt or filed for pre-settlements and in the process greatly jeopardized their subcontractors and builder craftsmen, whose number since the crisis fell by almost 20 percent.

Times of building highways and large apartment blocks are over now, said Deputy Minister of Construction and Physical Planning ŽeljkoUhlir, presenting four programs in energy efficiency and renewal which, in the forthcoming years, leave room for various construction works worth more than 120 billion kn. These programs are related to energy renovation of public buildings, family houses, apartment buildings and commercial buildings.

News presentation from producers of insulation systems RÖFIX

On 24.02.2015, we attended the presentation in Nova gallery of RÖFIX products. Building contractors assembled at the presentation could get acquainted with new trends, exchange experiences and find solutions to problems and challenges they face in their work. RÖFIX has presented its novelties, EPS-F 031 RELAX facade insulating board, grey, with grooves for relief on the outside and RÖFIX PE 519 PREMIUM DARK / Syco-Tec facade paint, reflective facade paint based onSiSi technology with NIR pigments. It is a facade paint for intense colour tones, including black, suitable for mineral and organic substrates.

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